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Zombie Escape

You find yourself in a forest surrounded by hundreds of undead.

Find a radio to call for help and get the the landing zone!

You have no weapons to fight with!

Design Notes

  • Player may spawn in 1 of 3 random locations on map
  • Zombie and Skeleton NPCs are semi-randomly generated in location and physical size.
  • Once Helicopter is called and seeks out player. Player must get to the landing zone for "pick up"
  • World Map is available in Pause menu (hit ESC or controller Start Button)
  • Day / Night Cycle. Night will kick in at around ~10 minutes into play time.
  • Beta build, no major bugs known of. Please feel free to post bugs found in comments.
  • Suggestions welcome

Unity Project Inspired from "Learning Unity" course on Udemy.

Published Jan 16, 2017
StatusIn development

Install instructions

Zombie Escape


Extract to any folder of your choice. No installer necessary.


ZombieEscape v 0.9 162 MB


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